In a work world gone virtual, what stage could be better than a virtual speaking event to pursue innovation with your team?

For team leaders, it’s simply a matter of finding the right fit event…One that moves your team and your business closer to your end goals most efficiently.


Healthcare leaders and clinical practice owners who feel like they have no time in their days but to fulfill patient care duties will find this guide particularly helpful.

Using the information provided, you can stop trying to learn and disseminate the systems, processes, and pathways to move your team forward on your own.

Because teaching new systems without having the successful experience of adopting them yourself beforehand can be a truly difficult task. One that leaves you feeling like you’re leading blindly and that what you’re attempting to accomplish might not even be possible.

When you created the vision for your business, it’s not likely your intention was to execute your company mission on your own.

Part of your vision included finding the right people to deliver on that mission. People who complement your skills and fill gaps in your skillset that come naturally to them.

Instead of attempting to innovate or create working systems on your own, you can choose to call in outside experts who can fill those gaps in your knowledge. Doing so can drastically cut down your time to execution on new processes. Plus, it can help you to feel more confident that your end goal is likely to be met.

And that expertise can now be delivered virtually…

Relax your grip on having to know it all in order for your team to be able to do it all. Invest much less time to adopt new processes. Meet your goals more quickly.

Virtual events help you reach team milestones faster by deferring the teaching to the right person with the right system to get you where you want to go. Read on for more insight into how to find the right event for you.


Healthcare leaders feel impossibly stuck introducing new processes to their teams.

That’s why shortly after I began offering executive leadership and business coaching I knew virtual group training was important for me to deliver to my clients.

More than ever teams are time-crunched. They don’t have the time, money, or mental bandwidth to attend large in-person conferences and trainings.

And, there are still travel and gathering restrictions in place as of this writing preventing massive public gatherings.

But, that doesn’t mean teams aren’t still in need of learning new ways to tackle changes to their work environment, confront challenges to ineffective processes, or solve larger-scale industry-wide problems.

Some of my clinical leaders weighed in with me in our private coaching sessions on problems they’ve been facing. Top concerns sounded something like this…

“I just want to hire employees that fit into our culture. We can teach them the things they need to know for the most part.”

“Retention is the biggest problem I face, I feel like the applicants and the staff members dictate to me what I need to do to keep them around.”

“My team gets resistant when expectations and responsibilities of their roles shift or change.”

“I feel like if I confront them, they will quit.”

All things I’ve felt myself personally. That was before I created systems and processes to run my own PT practices differently.

It’s how I flipped the script to get strong teams supporting me, my core values, and the mission of my business effectively and efficiently.

Part of my framework for success included developing workshops. It’s one way I could use to get everyone on the team on the same page using a structured framework during a deep-dive session.

As the facilitator on-site, I get to introduce skill sets and behaviors required as well as observe and suggest improvements on assigned role-play exercises performed by participants.

What I discovered in this post-pandemic workplace, is that I could have the same effects virtually.


I’m Judy Cirullo, a Physical Therapist and a former practice owner who decided to pursue executive leadership and business coaching in addition to my clinical career.

Why did I pursue coaching?

Because I owned four successful practices over a 40-year span, I personally experienced the challenges of retaining, developing, and mentoring staff. I knew I needed help getting myself out of the doing and into the leading of my own business.

So, while I was an active practice owner and practitioner, I decided to invest in my coaching certification so I could learn the skills to become a better leader and relieve the feelings of burnout plaguing me.

After choosing to invest in my personal development, I knew it was time to create a framework for my business. One I could use to develop staff into successful leaders and to create productive team members to help my business thrive.

The result?

Ultimately, I became an absentee owner while continuing to develop and grow all of my team members.

Healthcare leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners seek me out today to help them do the same.

I help them adopt my framework that transitions them from being stuck in the overwhelm of doing into developing other team members to do for them.

My framework allows them to lead, grow, and scale their business instead.


  • Understand the new reality of virtual living
  • Uncover the nuances of learning in a virtual environment
  • Discover the benefits of attending virtual learning events
  • Learn how speakers can assist your teams in the virtual space
  • Decide which type of virtual speaking event suits your needs right now
  • Review my virtual offerings and how to book my speaking services

But first, you get to decide the best way to get exactly what you need from this guide.


You can either jump to the topics that matter to you most or take in the entire guide in order. Click an icon below to read up on a specific subject, or consume the guide from start to finish.


If your team was considered non-essential in 2020, a whole new way of working came upon you fast and furious.

The 2020 pandemic created a mass exodus for many teams that were not on the front lines into virtual work from home status. Which, in turn, overran and stalled essential technologies like Zoom and Slack that work-from-home professionals relied on for close to a decade.

All essential tech channels have learned from the experience and consequently “beefed up” their ability to handle the millions of new users at the same time (during traditional work hours).

Team members adapted to the new technologies and juggled the responsibility of being productive in their home environments. Many times performing a balancing act since teaching or caretaking of their previously in-school or daycare-aged children fell onto their plates.

Even with restrictions lifting and children returning to school, over 55% of non-frontline workers are anticipated to work remotely at least two or more days a week.

virtual speaking event 1


With uncertainty and restrictions still in place on travel, massive public gatherings, and the ability to do said things without proof of vaccination or negative test results, learning has a brand “new” format. 

When I say new, that’s only in relation to industries now embracing it. 

Across the board, a diverse group of professionals is turning to a strategy to disseminate highly beneficial and necessary industry-specific training that internet marketers have used extremely effectively for the last decade…

Virtual speaking events. Otherwise known as virtual conferences.

Traditionally in the IM space, they’re called online summits and are available to attend for “free”. 

Of course, with stacked venues of expert guests over 3 to 5-day spans, upgrading to a paid “ticket” to receive all the recordings became highly attractive to attendees. 

Knowing this strategy, taking the online summit model and shifting it to a virtual speaking event became a more manageable task. For industries that previously had critical learning, in-person, paid events it became a necessity.

And a virtual speaking event replaces a live conference is something professionals are very willing to pay for. Especially since they’re coming in at a reduced cost to the in-person events.

Never has virtual training been more important than it is now in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare teams are operating at a considerable lack…

They have a lack of time to converse as a group in order to collaborate. Which causes a lack of ability to get creative and innovate processes that aren’t working. Which ultimately results in a lack of time to meet the needs of their clinical practices at the necessary pace.


Not only do virtual conferences afford the essential large-scale teaching of information to continue…They also often provide a more affordable, less logistically nightmarish way to collectively gather the highest-regarded speakers to further develop teams anywhere in the world with an internet signal.  

Some benefits for those who shift their in-person events into a virtual speaking event include:

  • Less expense as conference rooms, speaker travel and food expenses, and event logistics staff fees are greatly reduced or completely eliminated
  • Use of two automation tools to replace reliance on a venue that you hope is competently staffed and capable of accommodating event and audience needs
  • Increased earning potential by opening the conference to a worldwide venue which allows participation by attendees who previously couldn’t attend
  • Ability to book desired speakers who may have previously declined due to travel or time commitment restraints of the live event   

Benefits for attendees of a virtual speaking event include:

  • Lower costs including admission price, time away from their practices or offices, and travel expenses
  • Expanding their network of like professionals further than the people sitting in the seats right next to them at the conference sessions through the use of live chat
  • Ease of access to all sessions from the event with recordings, since in real-time, they would have to choose between two concurrent sessions of interest
  • Ability to learn in a familiar, comfortable, home-office environment with fewer environmental distractions
virtual speaking event 2


Not every industry has the time, budget, or desire for a full-out international conference. 

This is especially true for healthcare. Patient, bureaucratic, and front-line worker care is all leaders have time to contend with…Even if costs and logistics are contained.

That’s why it’s important to understand what’s actually available to help you develop your teams from speakers under your consideration. 

Ultimately, a speaker can teach, train, model, facilitate, or elaborate on an important topic for you and your team. And event types on the virtual docket are as diverse as the goals you have for your virtual speaker.


Not every training requires a massive gathering of people to be effective. 

In fact, some of the goals you have for developing your team and your business might benefit more from a more “intimate” gathering.

Here are the most common virtual events in play for leadership and team development:

  • Live multi-day conferences and industry-specific events, national or international in nature
  • Limited capacity live interactive webinars for professional groups
  • Workshops specific to a system, process, or topic of interest for an organization
  • Virtual lunch and learn training for local or regional offices 
  • Hybrid events where attendees stay at home and speakers are all gathered onsite (kind of like 2020 live sporting events)
virtual speaking event 3


As a speaker who specializes in growing and retaining strong teams, leaders, especially those in healthcare, seek out my guidance.

Before the pandemic, onsite workshops, facilitation, and speaking at conferences were my focus. 

Yet with mandated travel and social-distancing restrictions, serving professional groups in that manner was no longer an option. That’s why I certified as a virtual speaker.

Nowadays, I speak either virtually or in person, depending on which venue works best for your team or industry.

Some of the buzzworthy topics organizations seek me out to discuss include how to: 

  • Prepare your mindset for engaging in a crucial conversation
  • Model transparency and vulnerability with and for your team
  • Create a business succession plan that serves you as an owner and leader
  • Evolve your leadership into a coach-leader model using the three levels of conversation 

Find out more about my speaker services on Speaker Match or the National Association of Speakers.

virtual speaking event 4


Audiences large or small can all reap the benefits of virtual learning from qualified speakers. 

Leaders from all industries are delegating vital teaching, training, facilitation, and education to virtual speakers.  

I hope this guide offered you insight into how you can better serve and develop your team virtually. 

Should the need arise to innovate your team systems, processes, or mindset I’m here for you. To discuss how I can help in a virtual, live, or onsite capacity, please email me at