Hi, I’m Judy. It’s Lovely to Meet You!

As a seasoned healthcare practitioner and an Executive and Team Coach, I leverage my experience, training and passion to help leaders and teams navigate challenging and difficult conversations; ultimately supporting them as they transition themselves their team and their culture.

My Professional Journey

While owning 4 private practices in 4 states, I realized that developing others as leaders was critical to transforming and maintaining the best culture.

Throughout this journey, I gained experience leading, mentoring, and developing others, while also learning from my challenges, mistakes, and successes. I realized that conversations were the backbone of my business.

My Coaching Approach

Ultimately, this led to a framework for executives and teams that want to retool, transform and revive their culture utilizing strategic consulting, coaching, and facilitation.

The main theme of this framework is knowing how to connect people to purpose, personally and professionally. As a result, the leaders and their teams gain clarity, mitigate chaos and convert to a culture-first workplace.

I developed my coaching style and expertise by becoming a certified professional coach (CPC), followed by several certifications. These support the system and approach that I use with my clients, partnering and working together with executives, teams, and groups.

My Clients

Business owners and executives can find themselves caught up in the weeds, in the drama, adding more stress to their daily responsibilities. Their passion for their work tends to be eroded by these ongoing frustrations and can seep into their business and team culture.

My work with CEOs, leaders and their teams has helped them make sense of the complexity of issues bombarding them, gain clarity on what they want and how to get there ultimately shift, transform and transition into the direction they need and want.

Let’s Bring Your Business Culture Alive

I help leaders and teams navigate tricky conversations, create a lasting culture shift, and emerge with greater commitment and accountability.

Why I’m Passionate About What I Do

I was raised on a small farm to value principles like hard work, responsibility, dependability, faith, family and fun.

This developed in me a passion to help others, and reinforced that learning, growing and developing took time, effort and commitment.

While these skills and characteristics carried me through my educational and professional years, I was still missing some very specific skills to help others grow and develop personally and professionally. This became more evident while parenting, but profoundly obvious while running and managing my businesses.

I had to reflect on and seek out additional mastery work in true leadership, influencing others to be the best they can be and how I could eventually transition out of my business by utilizing specific coaching skills, and techniques. It was this life-long passion that led me to coaching school, post-graduate trainings and certifications specifically for executives and teams.

When I’m not working, I spend time with my beautiful family of two adult sons, six grandsons, and a wonderful husband of many years. I also love hiking and traveling.


“I highly recommend Judy for your professional growth.”

I met Judy as a speaker at a team building and culture conference. Her down-to-earth and approachable perspectives make listening, relating and learning very easy. I highly recommend Judy for your professional growth needs and to help develop your team.

– David Gallegos Deputy CEO
FYZICAL Southwest Sport & Spine Center, Inc.

“Judy has helped me grow in my own self-awareness of my leadership style.”

I started leadership coaching with Judy a little over a year ago after I had been in my position as clinical director for only a short time. When I started with Judy, I didn’t feel very confident in my position, and I felt uncomfortable having difficult conversations with team members.

Judy has been able to help me grow in my own self-awareness of my leadership style and learn how my energy levels can affect the rest of the team.

I now feel confident in my position and have learned some great tactics for navigating those tough conversations. I would highly recommend leadership coaching with Judy to anyone in a leadership position.

– Alta Rebekah Gillin
Atlas Physical Therapy

“Judy has helped me create a more positive company culture with improved self-awareness and strength.”

Judy has helped me navigate the tough challenges of owning a physical therapy private practice through her leadership and business coaching. She has mentored me in building self-confidence with strategies and tools to weather the storms that inevitably come up with owning a small business.

Judy has helped me to recognize my leadership style and ways to align my values with my work. I highly recommend Judy to anyone who is struggling with leading staff and all the other challenges that go along with owning a small business in healthcare today.

She has been an invaluable business and leadership coach and because she has had a small business of her own, she more than understands what it takes to keep going in a positive direction. Thank you, Judy, with endless gratitude!

– Dr. Julie Bergmann, PT, DPT, OCS,TPS
Founder, Owner, Physical Therapist, Southern California Aquatic and Physical

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