Group workshops are one of the best investments you can make to improve your business. The key is investing in the right team training at the right time.


You are a healthcare leader or a clinical practice owner who is overworked, overwhelmed, and caught up in the doing of your business.

Problem is, you’re not certain how to get yourself out of the jam you’ve created with your business.

Your job is to create the vision of your business, then to lead your team to execute on your company mission.

Instead of just doing things to get them done because you’re extremely efficient at them, you can choose to participate in team development workshops. 

Relieve the overwhelm, uplevel your team’s culture and skillset, and become the leader you’re capable of being.

Workshops help you learn how to lead more and do less. Keep reading for more insight into how effective team development takes your staff from stressed to synchronous.


Leaders in healthcare feel stuck. 

That’s why shortly after I began offering executive leadership coaching I knew I would offer onsite team training as well.

Because even though they say a team is only as good as it’s leader, it’s also true that a team is only as good as it’s weakest player.

I started uncovering some of the biggest roadblocks my clinicians and practice owners had when it came to running their businesses.

They’d tell me things like…

“Retention is the biggest problem I face, I feel like the applicants and the staff members dictate to me what I need to do to keep them around.”

“They don’t really pay attention to their responsibilities.” 

“I feel like if I confront them, they will quit.”

“I just want to hire employees that fit into our culture. We can teach them the things they need to know for the most part.”

Those concerns spoke volumes to me.

Mostly because I dealt with some of the same feelings myself before I created a system and processes to run my PT practices differently.

Efficiently. Effectively. With strong teams supporting me.

Part of my framework for success is group workshops. 

It’s one way to get everyone on the team on the same page in a structured deep-dive session. 

As the facilitator on-site, I get to teach the behaviors required as well as observe and suggest improvements on assigned role-play exercises performed by participants.


group workshops 2

I’m Judy Cirullo, a Physical Therapist and a former practice owner who decided to pursue executive leadership coaching in addition to my clinical career. 

Why did I pursue coaching?

Because I owned four successful practices over a 40-year span, I personally experienced the challenges of retaining, developing, and mentoring staff. I knew I needed help getting myself out of the doing and into the leading of my own business. 

So, while I was an active practice owner and practitioner, I decided to invest in my coaching certification so I could learn the skills to become a better leader and relieve the feelings of burnout plaguing me.  

After making the choice to invest in my personal development, I created a framework to develop staff into successful leaders and to produce productive team members to help my business thrive. 

The result?

Ultimately, I became an absentee owner while continuing to develop and grow all of my team members. 

Healthcare leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners seek me out today to help them do the same. I help them adopt my framework that transitions them from being stuck in the overwhelm of doing into developing other team members to do for them. 

My framework allows them to lead, grow, and scale their business instead. 


  • Learn the most effective types of group workshops 
  • Uncover the 6-Step system to hiring, retaining, and developing a team 
  • Discover how the use of neuroscience can improve your team culture
  • Develop emerging leaders in your business

But first, how about you decide the best way to get exactly what you need from this guide. Would that be good for you?


Jump to the topics that matter to you most, or take in the entire guide in order. Click on an icon image below to read up on a specific subject, or just read through the guide from start to finish.


Sometimes you find tools you think will ultimately deliver the best results for you.

Maybe you’ve invested in team training in the past. There is certainly no shortage of group workshops for executives to purchase to improve their team dynamic. 

You find a program that looks promising, so you invest in a coach or trainer to help you out. Just to be left with your hands full of notes, checklists, and an observational summary report from the facilitator you hired for their expertise.

Not a very effective way to start the transformation process if you ask me.

Granted, you do need to know where you’re starting from if you want to achieve a new goal in your business.

However, this method of an “expert” showing up to point out all the things that need fixing is frustrating. Especially since you’re operating on overload and need quick wins to move your team ahead and propel your business forward.

What if instead, you could invest in a group workshop that meets your needs with someone who helps you implement what you’ve learned on the spot?


Here are three group workshops you should know about which fit that description perfectly. 

group workshops 7


This proprietary method is the first one I developed when I ran my four successful PT practices. I call it 6 Steps To Hire, Retain, and Develop Team Players and it’s my most popular team workshop for businesses focused on sustainable growth.

In this 2-day onsite workshop, business owners get a blueprint to identify, hire, and retain valuable team members.

Once the foundation is laid in the two days of training, your toolkit of processes and procedures is ready for use immediately.

Before arriving on-site for this training, leaders and team members complete a questionnaire to assess nine key areas of the business as it’s functioning currently. 

Because retention is a huge pain point for healthcare leaders and practice owners, I dedicate an entire module to keeping your best employees around.


Other topics included in my 6-step system include:

  • recruiting
  • screening interviews
  • in-person interviews
  • out-of-the-box reference checks
  • getting your offer accepted
  • the onboarding process

I adapted the Topgrading® process created by Bradford D. Smart, Ph.D., and specifically retooled it for healthcare business owners and their teams.

When you invest in this group workshop, you can turn your hiring and retention process from a game of guesswork into an objective process. 

You get to set clear expectations for your team members regarding KPI metrics and behavioral competencies once you deploy this system.

Team members will understand that what they do has value, contributes to the team and the business, and helps them feel good about their contributions. 

To decide if this is the best group workshop for your business at this time, click here and schedule a complimentary call.

group workshops 8


Most teams think they get along and work well together.

In reality, all teams are made up of people who have different personalities and behaviors which can collide during organizational challenges, growth spurts, and times of change.

The truth is 90% of all conversations fail.

In fact, research at MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory shows that 50% of the difference between low-performing and high-performing teams is the quality of the conversations. 

group workshops 9

This means people walk away from each other after talking with different takes on what was said. 

In other words, they failed to connect the dots to understand the point the other person attempted to make. 

Building a strong team is actually simple, but it takes time and the right building blocks.

Such as having effective conversations.

Which is something you’ll learn how to do In my 1-day on-site facilitated group workshop titled Grow Your Strong Team.

You’ll understand the neuroscience behind your conversations to transform your staff into a cohesive team. 

Once you learn the five critical elements covered in this workshop, you’ll be able to implement them in your action plans immediately. These elements include direction on how to:

  • tackle successful crucial conversations
  • hold each other accountable
  • develop and imbed commitment
  • handle conflict effectively 
  • impact outcomes and results for your business

To grow your own strong team, you must build trust. 

This also means you’re able to confront conflict to have difficult conversations. You’ll need to solidify commitment from your team members to support the desired results too. 

In healthcare, leaders are trained to be independent thinkers, problem solvers, and to make decisions singularly. While these are wonderful characteristics, blending them into leading a cohesive and functional team causes challenges. 

This workshop addresses this scenario also and provides healthcare leaders and their teams the tools they need to bond effectively.


Grow Your Strong Team will teach you how to:

  • utilize the neuroscience of conversations to shift the direction of relationships, engagement, and team cohesiveness
  • use the power of conversations to transform team culture
  • leverage the power of neuroscience to create conversations that change your impact 
  • engage in conversations that bridge generational gaps on your team

After you internalize the five critical elements of cohesive teams, you can use the neuroscience of conversations to shift distrust to trust, convert unengaged and unmotivated team members into self-driven team players, and witness collaborative effort among your team.

If you feel this group workshop can benefit your team most right now, schedule a complimentary strategy session with me so I can get you started on the pre-session questionnaire.


To become the new breed of leader, you have to get really good at one thing.


Leadership is no longer just about a title. Or about driving people to get their work done as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

A new breed of leaders is emerging. One that develops the skill set necessary to become a “leader as a coach.” 

This is something I like to call the Leadership Evolution.

In healthcare, this is a big challenge for leaders who are trained to make decisions quickly and assign tasks to other members of the team just as fast. This includes telling our patients how and what to do to participate in their treatment plan. 

That same approach isn’t effective with your team members. 

Employees want clear communication about your expectations and opportunities for growth and development. They want to have some autonomy to create and try out new techniques and processes.

Also, since patients are the main focus, you don’t carve out time to spend having meaningful dialogue with their staff. Dialogue that occurs during conversations. 

Conversations that create trust, openness, and shared perspectives. 

You become so focused on how to have a difficult conversation, you avoid them. 

When you get so worried about retaining top staff members, you throw them feedback that you “think” is meaningful. But, did you make time to get your employee’s perspective on the topic?

Resoundingly, that answer is no.

Because you lack the time, confidence, and courage to have the conversations you need to. Which means you don’t develop trust, openness, and a willingness to share. 

You end up feeling stuck on what to say and how to say it.

Once you look at a conversation as a two-way street that begins with trust and ends with a shared perspective, you can both tell the truth in a way that makes it easy for the other to receive.

These are techniques you’ll learn in my 4-hour interactive, virtual group workshop, Become the New Breed of Leader.

It will build the foundation to support the growth and development of your team members as they shift their mindset from a manager or supervisor into a leader. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • five levels of leadership leaders progress through as they develop, and how to maximize each level as they master the leadership skill set in each phase. 
  • how the five behaviors of a cohesive team build upon each other to support the growth of each leader and the development of his or her team 
  • how the three levels of conversation trigger different parts of the brain to stimulate certain habits and behaviors so you can use them to frame conversations that build healthier, more resilient teams and businesses
  • five conversational blind spots that can derail conversations and how to manage them 
  • the benefits of coaching, what coaching is (and is not), and the difference between mentoring and training to understand how each contributes to your leadership evolution and mastery

Just like my other group workshops, you’ll be able to implement what you learn immediately.

If you want an effective way to develop key team members into leadership roles, this is the core group workshop for you. Let’s set up a time for a free strategy session to discuss your goals and schedule this training.


Whether your business is stagnating or growing, the key to improve your team culture is group workshops.

Group training sessions I offer can be as inclusive or as exclusive as your business demands. My current curriculum includes:

  • 6 Steps To Hire, Retain, and Develop Team Players (2-day on-site training)
  • Grow Your Strong Team with the Neuroscience of Conversation (1-day on-site training)
  • Become The New Breed of Leader (4-hour interactive virtual training)

To determine which training is best to move your business forward and reach your most pressing goals, schedule a free strategy session with me.

When you invest the time and money to develop your team with an interactive and facilitated group training that you can implement immediately, you’re investing wisely.

Because your team is your most valuable asset after all.