Discover Your WHY, Your HOW, and Your WHAT

Get clear, stand out, and shift to the next level of impact for you, your team and your business.

Discover your WHY, your first step to gaining what you want and need!

Inspire you and your team members by discovering your own personal WHY Operating System to help drive engagement, collaboration and outcomes.

There are so many teams struggling to connect and collaborate in a world of work, both remote and in person?

Your team members want to know that they fit in with their team, who they can count on for specific help, resources or other ideas. This can be overwhelming as the team members aren’t as connected to their co workers as they once were or want to be. They are busy, their time is limited, and thus be become more disengaged. They seem to be losing their motivation or focus.

Or, you as a leader or owner want to make a shift, transition or plan a succession, but aren’t clear on what direction you want to take.

Because there are so many choices it can be overwhelming, that is why you and your team members must start with the first step:

Discovering your WHY Operating System is your first step to understanding your motivation.

When you discover your WHY, you find out your driver;
When you discover your HOW you find out your direction;
When you discover your WHAT, you find out your deliverable and what others can count on from you.


“Judy has helped me grow in my own self-awareness of my leadership style.”

Judy has been able to help me grow in my own self-awareness of my leadership style and learn how my energy levels can affect the rest of the team.

I now feel confident in my position and have learned some great tactics for navigating those tough conversations. I would highly recommend leadership coaching with Judy to anyone in a leadership position.

– Alta Rebekah Gillin
Atlas Physical Therapy

“I highly recommend Judy for your professional growth.”

I met Judy as a speaker at a team building and culture conference. Her down-to-earth and approachable perspectives make listening, relating and learning very easy. I highly recommend Judy for your professional growth needs and to help develop your team.

– David Gallegos Deputy CEO
FYZICAL Southwest Sport & Spine Center, Inc.

“Judy has helped me create a more positive company culture with improved self-awareness and strength.”

Judy has helped me to recognize my leadership style and ways to align my values with my work. I highly recommend Judy to anyone who is struggling with leading staff and all the other challenges that go along with owning a small business in healthcare today.

– Dr. Julie Bergmann, PT, DPT, OCS,TPS
Founder, Owner, Physical Therapist, Southern California Aquatic and Physical

Does your team seem disengaged, uncollaborative,

Or quite simply…Burned out?

A motivational speech or incentive will NOT create a lasting culture shift. You need something else…

You need a science-backed process that helps each person find their true Purpose to connect that to their Productivity, and drive deeply Aligned outcomes!

Let’s Find Your Team’s WHY Operating System

The WHY Operating System discovery is based on biology, it leverages the science of the human brain.

When your team finds its WHY, each person will gain clarity and confidence – Almost instantly!

This is a guaranteed way for your team to create more impact in their current roles.

Interesting fact: All of our decisions are made in the Limbic Brain and are ALWAYS based on feelings, not thoughts.

Think about it. How often have you been in a situation where all of the logic points toward a particular action, and at the last second, you change your mind because of a feeling in your gut?

The WHY brings your team to that successful feeling; so that everything they do has more direction and impact!

Your WHY comes from your inner brain, the Limbic Brain. It is also known as your “feeling brain.”In addition, the Neocortex Brain is your “thinking brain”
The Neocortex thinks for us. It understands facts, figures, and data- logic, words, and speech. we communicate and understand each other because of the Neocortex, which makes it really important. The Neocortex does NOT make decisions; it just analyzes them.

Imagine The Outcomes! Your Team Will:

  • Discover what motivates them and WHY
  • Positively impact how they contribute to the business
  • Improve collaboration, communication, and conversations
  • Create alignment during conversations, helping to drive the business culture forward.

Let’s help your team find their personal WHY.OS!