There are 10 disciplines that leaders MUST master to increase their leadership potential… which one do you need to focus on most right now?

1) Establish Awareness: foundation for growth as a leader, you are aware of your purpose, who you are, what makes you tick. What motivates and drives you? If you’re not aware of your purpose and values, how can you move forward?

2) Foster Acceptance: Accept what is, not taking things personally. Accepting things as they are and NOT as you would wish them to be… then looking ahead, not behind.

3) Build Conscious Choice: at any given time you can make the choice on how to react, what to do, say etc. Stay away from “owning” other peoples negative energy.

4) Trust the Process: Trusting what you know, what you’ve done, move ahead. It requires letting go and accepting what happens. There is not always right or wrong, so trust in yourself and take action.

5) Be Authentic: when you are authentic everything you do requires much less effort.

6) Be Fearless: Fear is catabolic, It is the anticipation of a negative outcome. It is a distraction that causes tentativeness. Fear = hesitation = holding back.

7) Build True Confidence: This probably one of the most important for all of us. It is essential to reach your potential and goals. You may be confident as a clinician, but how about as a leader? When our confidence lacks we might say “ if this happens, I’ll do this” What happens to your energy level when your confidence lowers?

8) Foster Connection: As a clinician, I bet you all feel a connection with (most) of your patients. What about your followers?

9) Be Present in the Moment: This means that you’re not worrying about what will happen or what has happened. Worried about the future, cant be present . By learning to focus in the moment, you create a great sense of control. 

“Ultimate performance as a leader requires complete freedom from distraction”

10) Get Energetically Engaged: When you are 100% engaged means you are attracted, engaged, have optimal energy and are going “full out”.