It’s a strange new world out there. Post-COVID-19 healthcare practice leaders have some serious gaps to bridge to return some semblance of order to their work lives.


It’s not the improved cautionary measures you must take in your practice that’s causing you and your team so much friction.

In fact, you’ve adapted quite easily to the hyper-vigilance with cleaning, scheduling, and distancing your patients.

It’s also not the shift into telemedicine or telehealth virtual appointments. These are actually more likely to gain a stronghold in the way you treat patients moving forward. 

Your problem is actually two-fold.


Pre-COVID pandemic times looked a bit different on the healthcare worker hiring scale.

Times were lean. It was tough for you to find the right team members to fill the vacant roles in your practice.

Retaining great team players was also a big struggle. In some ways, you had to “settle” for “good enough” and hope for the best.

Today is a whole new day. 

With so many people losing their jobs and practices closing their doors, there’s now a plethora of qualified folks in the hiring pool.

The challenge now for your post-COVID-19 healthcare practice is who to choose and why. 


Because you had gaps in your staff pre-COVID, you likely filled vacant roles yourself. As any effective leader might…

Rolling up your sleeves and doing the work that needs to be done ultimately becomes your responsibility.

Here’s the problem with this scenario.

Over time, when you’re in the doing of the things you can and should readily and easily delegate, your infrastructure becomes a bit fuzzy and unclear.

Current team members aren’t willing or capable of taking some of these tasks off your hands because you’re not leading them. 

You’re not developing them into who you need them to be to make your practice successful.  


Given that you now have abundant choices for who to hire and who to develop into your future team leaders, what are you doing about it?

Defaulting to the old way of being the person in charge who takes care of errant tasks and things that don’t involve driving your business mission just won’t cut it anymore.

It’s time you decided what is most important to you on a core level.

Is it for you to be scrappy? Resourceful? Dependable? 

Or, is to leverage your time, people, and other resources wisely?


You have the luxury of hiring key players to round out your team right now. Don’t squander it. Instead, use this time to figure out the who and the how of your business.

First, you have to figure out the answer to this question.

“How can I organize my infrastructure so that I can get out of the “catch-all” doing and move into the leading and developing so I can step away and know my business will thrive?”

Next, answer this.

“Who can I hire that fits the model of what my strong team means to me on a core value level?” 


Those questions are big. I get that they’re not always easy for you to answer on your own. Especially if you have no model to follow that demonstrates the success you seek.

I personally developed two frameworks to work you towards your answers. 

One to develop the proper infrastructure for your healthcare practice to succeed. The other to find, hire, develop, and retain the right people to grow your strong team.

Schedule a free strategy session with me and we can talk about your next right action steps to take to build a thriving post-COVID-19 healthcare practice.