There is no better way to master leadership than to get personal.

When you dig deep, work from the inside out, and realize you don’t know what you don’t know, you’ll be in a much better headspace to hone your leadership skills.

Develop these skills and they will serve you not only in business, but in every relationship you build for life. 


There are 10 essential COR.E Disciplines to master leadership that make up iPEC’s COR.E Dynamics program.

IPEC developed the COR.E Dynamics program with the underlying philosophy of improving your performance when you take any action in your life. 

While you work through these 10 disciplines the ultimate goal is to improve your energy so you can realize your greatest potential and reach maximum effectiveness.

COR.E Disciplines provide an excellent framework for me to help developing leaders uncover and work through their blind spots.

Following are the 10 disciplines to work through in order to master leadership.


Level 1 is awareness. 

Here I guide clients on understanding the difference between external and internal drivers of behavior. I get them to consider what lenses they wear when interpreting reality and interacting with others.


Level 2 is acceptance.

At this level, I help clients explore how their past experiences frame their current expectations of themselves and others. This is also the time we discuss moving emotional energy from being reactive into being accepting.


Level 3 is conscious choice.

This level is one that high performers tend to struggle with. At this level, I help clients work through judgmental decision making and into the awareness that they can make choices that are not fear-based or habitual.


Level 4 is trusting the process.

Show me someone who fears the unknown. A perfectionist. Or a “Type A”. Someone who is cemented into using systems and processes. This is the level that will trip them up. Letting go with faith and knowing change can be a good thing are highlights of working through this level.  


Level 5 is authenticity.

This is the level when I guide leaders to fully express who they are so they can lead others most effectively. Which means, they need to understand what matters most to them and let all the other definitions of what is valuable according to others fall away. 


Level 6 is fearlessness.

At this level, I help guide leaders on how to turn whatever fears are keeping them from being effective into their fuel for success. A big portion of working through this level is identifying what exactly they are afraid of.


Level 7 is confidence.

When a leader lacks confidence, everybody who is called to follow them suffers. At this level, I help clients identify how lack of confidence shows up, how to be more confident in their skills, and how their energy affects their team. 


Level 8 is connection.

By far this is the level that produces incredible gains in helping my clients feel more effective as a leader. Once you have an awareness of how you connect to yourself, others, life, spirituality, and your environment, then you can see how each of these scenarios sync up to reveal exactly how effective you are.   


Level 9 is presence in the moment.

Once you make a commitment to being present or mindful of what’s happening in your life in real-time, you can improve your performance. Presence allows you to eliminate distractions as well as to practice detachment from outcomes.


Level 10 is 100% engagement.

This is the level of ultimate leadership mastery achievement. If you’ve ever described someone as “playing full out,” realize that person has set an intention and made the commitment to be their best self in every arena of their life.


As an iPEC certified coach with a COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist designation, I work through each of these COR.E disciplines with my leadership coaching clients when the need arises.

While many clients will work through these levels in order, others are at a competency level to bypass deep work on some of the disciplines.

To review, the COR.E Disciplines are:

  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Conscious Choice
  • Trusting the Process
  • Authenticity
  • Fearlessness
  • Confidence
  • Connection
  • Presence in the Moment
  • 100% Engagement

Which levels are you struggling to master? 

If you’re not sure, schedule a free strategy session with me so I can help you discover the best level for you to focus on now. Afterward, you’ll have a list of action steps you can take that will improve your leadership skills.