Dilemmas are a natural part of life. Especially in business. If you decide to lead with integrity when faced with a dilemma though, choice becomes easier.


The choice between being right and being kind is easy, isn’t it? 

Always choose kindness.

Some choices aren’t always so cut and dry. Especially if both roads have foreseeable favorable outcomes. 

That’s exactly why leading with integrity matters. Staying true to what matters most to you is the key.


Integrity to yourself is a powerful dynamic that drives why you choose what you choose when you make a choice.

Another factor to consider is how you lead with integrity in regards to your team. And your clients.

When you are deep in consideration on what path to take when faced with a dilemma, it’s critical you understand this. Your decision reflects back to you and a much larger audience than yourself about what’s important to you.

While your opinion of yourself matters a great deal regarding your ability to lead, how others perceive your priorities makes a massive impact on your effectiveness too. 


To lead with integrity and make the right choice for you, it pays to know your core values and how they apply to you.

Sometimes they can be hard to define when you’re applying them to yourself. Which is why I suggest you try this exercise.

How is it you want people to talk about you when you’re not around?

Do you want them to say you’re honest? Loyal? Truthful? Decisive? 

Because how you want others to perceive you is a clear indicator of what matters deeply for you.

If that seems difficult, try this instead.

Think of the leaders you admire the most. What qualities do they have that make you want to follow their direction? 


Now that you’ve got your core values narrowed down (I’d suggest you create a list of five), it’s time to reconsider that dilemma you’re facing.

If you choose path A, who will you have to be, how will you have to show up, and what will you have to sacrifice to make that choice work?

Now, repeat the same exercise for path B.

Once you have your list ready, proceed to the final step.


When you consider following path A, what wins do you see that are in sync with your core values? Make a list.

How about the losses that are out of sync with your core values? List them.

Now repeat this exercise for path B.

Your path A and path B lists should have everything you need to know to make a choice that allows you to combine your “head” and your “heart” and move ahead in integrity.

If they don’t, take some extra time to dig deeper. You’ll likely end up thinking a little further ahead in your timeline and realizing additional consequences of each choice in the long-run. 

More importantly, you’ll think about how each path affects what you value most. Which allows you to choose free from an attachment to the immediate gains you could realize from the path you take. 


You are always in charge of what you create based on the choices you make.

It starts with knowing the power you hold. 

Next, acknowledge your core values.

Then, define how closely the choice you make aligns with your core values.

Finally, allow yourself time to process which choice is best freely from an attachment to a specific outcome. 

And, if you’re still stumbling out of the blocks wrestling with a dilemma, schedule a free call with me and let’s talk about it.